We are living in a time when we are being challenged to contribute to a sustainable development actively and consciously, when opportunities come.

At Luajardim we are committed to the environment, and we do not give up wanting the best of both worlds: to grow sustainably with total respect for nature and people.

Because we believe in a better world, we are engaged in a good ecological conduct. We seek the best products that respect the environment, we promote circular production, we minimise waste and are very rigorous in managing natural and energy resources.

We act for a sustainable development. Therefore, we work today to restore the future!

The Future is in our hands – it’s in the hands of us all!

A garden is, by definition, a piece of nature under control. Even though it may be a small portion of green space, its contribution to maintaining fresh air and a more pleasant micro-system is to be valued. A garden also carries the cosy feeling of being in the nature, which is important for any human being in their ancestral connection to this environment and in their organic, physical, mental, and psychological balance.

We value all green spaces, without exception, and promote them, whenever possible, respecting the basic principles of sustainability. The production process is based on agro- ecological principles by observing the responsible use of the soil, water, air, and other natural resources, and respecting social and cultural relationships.

The correct and intelligent management of our production area is also a strong contributor to the creation of a more balanced ecosystem, helping preserve biodiversity, natural cycles, and the biological activities of the soil.

Join us in this mission with Future!

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